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March 2023 Market Update for Northern Colorado

Dated: March 16 2023

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March 2023 Market Update

We are a couple of months into 2023 and now we can start to see some potential changes in the market.  In this episode, I review the local market data as well as point out the inflation rate and recent changes in mortgage interest rates, with a forecast of what we can expect later this year.

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Here is a link to my recent blog post, Mortgage Rates-Where Are They Headed, that takes a closer look at what causes mortgage rates to fluctuate and which metrics give us an idea of where things are headed.

About the author: Sean Gilliam is a real estate agent with LoKation Real Estate in Northern Colorado.  Sean can be reached at or by phone at 970-313-6706.  For additional content see Sean’s Youtube channel or to search for properties see his web page.

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